Hidden Lake not so Hidden Anymore

Tasik Cermin as most people recognise it by, is also known as Mirror Lake. The reflective water which resembles a mirror is what gives its name.

Surrounded by limestone towers, one has to pass through a short, yet dark and mysterious tunnel before entering the quaint hidden lake, formerly a quarry. 

The isolated spot is the perfect halcyon escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

This gem has become a well-known place for wedding photoshoots and a place for outdoor enthusiasts. Many would come here for Instagrammable shots to update their social media accounts pictures. 

Does it ever pique your curiosity as to what is under the water? What kind of aquatic lives and plants live in the water? Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to dive down for a look, so guess we won’t know for now.

Are you a mosquito magnet? If yes, bring along a mosquito repellent with you to avoid that onslaught of bites when you drop by!

Another important point to take note of, please take care of our natural heritage, don’t litter or vandalise. 

There might be an entry fee of RM5 to an unofficial parking attendant. 

It is located at Tasik Cermin, Off Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, Gunung Rapat, Lembah Kinta, 31350, Perak. Just search ‘Tasik Cermin’ on Waze or Google Maps and the apps will lead you all the way there. 

Gisele Soo


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