Proposed Site for New Perak Contingent Police Headquarters Complex in Meru Raya 

A visit to the proposed site for the new Perak Contingent Police Headquarters Complex in Meru Raya was made by the Division Secretary, Development Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN), Zaiton Yahya recently.

The visit was carried out to discuss and identify the total size of land to be used for the development.

Present were Perak police chief, Dato’ Pahlawan Mior Faridalathrash Wahid; Deputy Perak police chief, Dato’ Pahlawan Azizi Mat Aris and Deputy Director (Facility/Supply/Asset) of Technology and Logistics Department of the police (PDRM), Senior Assistant Commissioner Azizee Ismail.

The group also made a visit to the Perak Contingent Police Headquarters.

PDRM in 2014 had planned to build a new Perak Contingent Police Headquarters Complex and a new District Police Headquarters (IPD) to replace the old premises along Jalan Sultan Iskandar. 

The then Managing Director of PDRM, Datuk Seri Mohamad Fuzi Harun stated that the site for the development had been identified and construction would begin in the nearest future.

According to him, the Ipoh area has 24 police stations to be divided into two IPD, namely Ipoh Timur District Police Headquarters and Ipoh Barat District Police Headquarters. 

“Home Affairs Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has visited the site that had been identified to build the Contingent Police Headquarters building in Meru Raya,” he said. 


Rosli Mansor


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