Saarani: Increase Digital Platforms Promoting Perak

Perak is still the second state to receive the highest number of domestic tourists for 2020 after Selangor. 

Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad said this is despite the overall statistics of domestic tourist arrival for 2020 showing a marked drop of 44.9%. 

“The marked difference is apparent in the decrease in total domestic tourist arrival, with there being 131.7 million tourists in 2020 compared to 239.1 million in 2019. 

“Similarly, the average expenditure of domestic visitors also showed a decrease from RM310 in 2019 to RM275 in 2020. The percentage of decrease is 11.3%,” he said during his speech in conjunction with the recent pre-launch of the Pangkor International Boat Show.

According to him, the numbers reflect the resilience of the state tourism sector. However, comprehensive support is required to help industry players revive the state tourism sector.

Thus, the state government has prepared various incentives for tourism industry operators such as exemption of licence payment and one-off payment allocations via the Perak Sejahtera Economic Stimulus Package.

“As I announced in the state 2022 Budget recently, this sector is among those to be focused on next year.

“Various initiatives and programmes have been planned, including holistic promotion of state tourism products via digital platforms to attract domestic and international tourists.


Rosli Mansor 


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