MBI and Selekta Spektra Sign the PESISA Agreement

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) signed the PESISA agreement on a scheduled waste management hub development project at Papan Ulu Johan, Mukim Belanja, Kinta District with concession holder Selekta Spektra Sdn Bhd on Thursday.

Ipoh Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin explained that the proposal is the first project in the state to allocate a safe disposal site for scheduled waste disposal involving a land area of 140 acres.

“In Malaysia, only the safe disposal site of Kualiti Alam at Negeri Sembilan disposes 77 types of scheduled waste listed in the first schedule of the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005.

“The states in the north and east peninsular also have to send their scheduled wastes to Kualiti Alam Negeri Sembilan in which its cost, including transportation, is high,” he said.

According to him, the statistics data of scheduled wastes in Malaysia showed that in 2015, Perak generated about 14.1% of scheduled wastes.

The matter, he said, will benefit the industrial sectors in Perak as waste disposal costs will decrease. 

He added that the allocation of a safe site for waste disposal also can prevent any illegal waste disposal which can affect health and the environment.

Thus, the allocation of a safe site with modern engineering and the latest technology can maximise land use for sustainability in accommodating the amount of scheduled wastes generated by power plants, drinking water treatment facilities and other industries. 


Rosli Mansor



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