HRPB Receives Two Units of Ventilators

The two-way relation between the Ipoh City Council (MBI) with Nanning city, China has provided mutual benefits especially to Perakeans post-pandemic. 

Executive Councillor for Health, Science, Environment and Green Technology, Mohd Akmal Kamaruddin said that MBI’s efforts do not only focus on the development and sustainability of Ipoh, but also caring for the citizens, as shown by Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud in handling the COVID-19 crisis continuously.

“The state government is proud and thankful for the effort of MBI which acts as the catalyst between the state, Malaysia and China. From the two-way relationship, the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital (HRPB) received two units of ventilators.

“The aid is for the use of healthcare services in Ipoh. It is timely to further strengthen the services for COVID-19 patients especially at HRPB,” he told the press after officially presenting the contribution to the Deputy Director of Medical (1) of HRPB, Megat Iskandar bin Megat Abdul Hamid in a ceremony today (January 12).

Both units are worth RM136,000 and were received by HRPB in December 2021. They are mainly used by COVID-19 patients.

Meanwhile Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin said the contribution benefits patients and will be able to save more lives.

“Frontliners, especially those in healthcare services are most vital in curbing the COVID-19 outbreak. The contribution will surely help to ease their work in saving lives.

“MBI is always careful in handling the COVID-19 issue. Besides helping to provide facilities for the vaccination centre (PPV) among others, MBI also takes the opportunity via international relations to obtain aid.

“May this two-way relationship be continued. Besides being mutually beneficial, it can also help the state medical institution to be more productive for the wellbeing of the people,” he said.

Ipoh city has established relations with Nanning city, China since 1 April 2005 until present.


Rosli Mansor


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