Rock Climbing in Nature

What’s the real definition of hiking? Walking up a hill? Climbing over the rocks on the hill? 

The biggest enticement of the city of Ipoh is its abundant natural heritage and mountains being the pull factor for tourists both locally and internationally. 

Despite its notable status as a food haven, we all know that Ipoh is more than just culinary treats. This quaint town is blessed with various natural beauties.

The hill that stands out among our community is probably Kledang Hill, a hotspot where many would go for a scenic view during their morning stroll or hike.

In Kledang Hill alone, there are five hiking trails, and the most commonly visited is the paved, steady road up to the RTM Tower.

Of course, I am sure many of us have also had some thrills at the unpaved trek that gives off a little of an into-the-unknown vibe. 

As a blooming hiking enthusiast and a growing thrill-seeker, my nervousness has gradually simmered down after a few hikes with Andrew. 

This time around, I was invited by a friend of mine, Sabillah Nazifa, who is proficient in hiking, for some adrenaline buzz via climbing at Bukit Batu Suloh.

Sabillah Nazifa

The distance is a piece of cake but the trail is a whole new story. It was a constant uphill climb and the rocky trek continued even downhill. Unlike the unpaved treks in Kledang, don’t expect any straight trails. They were all at least 30 to 40 degree slopes. 

Nevertheless, the entire journey only took about two hours back and forth, depending on how far you go. 

Beware of wild boars during the first couple of minutes; they aren’t so gentle and will not hesitate to charge you to the ground. Try to speed up to avoid running into them. 

Besides the wild swine, also keep your eye on the ground as it is a burial ground of the natives (orang asli).

Expect beads of sweat to pour over your forehead from the very start! Sabillah constantly reminded me to watch my step as the dried leaves and tiny stones might cause one to slip, trip and fall.

On the way down, when I was diligently sliding down, we heard a loud sound of a bomb at the foothills. Apparently, hikers use it to scare away the wild boars. 

Some parts of the route were also super narrow, and one wrong step could lead to some serious injuries. Just pace yourself well and be careful!

We arrived at the best part of the entire trail after about 40 minutes: a humongous rock. Climb over it and take a panoramic shot on top. And a few steps away is the view of a magnificent dam. 

The rock has a rope attached on both ends, one end at the bottom and the other at the top. Make sure to grip onto the rope properly before taking your next step. 

Sabillah advised to bring a bottle of water, a stick, and a pair of gloves as you will be using your hands frequently when climbing. You can indulge and have your breakfast or morning coffee on the rock, too! 

Be prepared for some sore legs due to the intensity of the trail. According to Sabillah, the trek here is very much suited for beginner hikers, nevertheless. 

Fitness fanatics, upgrade your #leg day at Bukit Batu Suloh


Gisele Soo


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