MPT Carries Out Operation to Curb Rats at Public Market

The cleanliness aspect of the heritage city, Taiping, is always enhanced, including the curbing of destructive pests such as rats.

Recently, the Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) carried out an operation to curb rat issues at Taiping Market (Pasar Taiping).

MPT via a Facebook post informed that the operation had successfully caught 46 rats. 

According to the statement, the operation was done after surveillance by MPT which found a proliferation of the rodents after the transfer of traders of Taiping Market to Pasar Sementara Tupai on February 8.

“In the operation which began at 6pm, two control methods were done, mainly physical control by placing rodent proofing at the entrance.

“The second method is mechanical control by preparing 30 mouse traps using baits of sardine fish,” the statement mentioned. 

The control activity was done under Section 76 (1)(2), Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171).

The statement added that rat population control at Taiping Market will be done intensively to prevent damage to public property and health.

MPT will intensify rat control works, increase the number of mouse traps and enhance environmental cleanliness in order to reduce the pest’s population.


Rosli Mansor


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