Ipoh Through Eugene’s Eyes: Ipoh Old Town (Part 2)

Eugene Lee Peng Fong is a born and bred Ipohite with a passion for photography and local heritage. An alumni of Sam Tet Primary and Secondary School, he earned his architecture degree in the United States and currently works in Ipoh as a property developer. 

His inspiration for photography around Ipoh comes from wanting to raise awareness on how old inheritances are often ignored in the process of urbanisation. Roads are mainly made for cars nowadays, while pedestrian walkways and cyclist lanes are sidelined. Eugene finds that this leads to a feeling of detachment, as the opportunity for one to step out and experience a location first-hand is now limited. 

Thus, he practises his photography while cycling around various locations in Ipoh, with the intention to present an unfiltered view of the places he visits. Here are more of his photos of iconic heritage buildings and locations around Ipoh Old Town.

Birch Memorial Clock Tower
OCBC Bank Jalan Dato Maharajalela
Walkway of OCBC Bank Jalan Dato Maharajalela
Standard Chartered Bank

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