On Ipoh Food: Bond & Co

Michelin Quality Right on our Doorstep.

“Wow, no need to go to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore for a Michelin Star meal,” exclaimed my friend William Balasingam as we all staggered out of Bond & Co, the newest restaurant to join in the stellar mix of best eats in Ipoh.

After a repast of plate after plate and bowl after bowl of rave-worthy dishes, curated by the ebullient Chef Teoh, my group of friends unanimously voted this restaurant the best new kid on the block. 

The elegant and charming owner Dr. Carrine Teoh greeted us on arrival as we sat down to some fresh pressed juices while looking at the menu. The juices were a welcome respite from the hot sun outside as we tasted one another’s to compare. Made fresh daily, with names like Cold Pressed Detox, Super Immunity, or Glow, I felt most virtuous and hoped that the health benefits would tide me through the meal.

Fat chance! 

While the ambiance and decor is cafe—open, bright and cheerful—the food is Michelin quality. 

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