Mirror Lake to Close Whenever There is Heavy Rain

Mirror Lake Eco Park in Ipoh will be closed to visitors whenever there is heavy rain and strong wind.

According to Siti Norlizawati Narawi, the Director of Tourism and Corporate of Tasik Cermin Tourism Sdn Bhd in a recent media statement, the water level at the first part of Mirror Lake has increased since March 10 following heavy rain every day from a week ago.

“The flood incident is not caused by ongoing development by the developer. There aren’t any disturbances nor developments being done in the first and second Mirror Lake. Only the empty space outside the tunnel of Mirror Lake is being developed.

“The first and second Mirror Lake are retained in their natural state. However, the first Mirror Lake shows an unstable water level that sometimes rises and falls after rain.

The statement also informed that other factors which caused the water to overflow included the pile of dry leaves blocking the water channel at the bottom which connects to the second Mirror Lake.

The management also closed the first Mirror Lake to visitors on March 10 due to heavy rain from the early morning and the sudden rise of water level.

“At the moment, the platform which is submerged is still in good and strong condition. The front platform has been closed to visitors since March 7 when the water level was rising,” she said regarding the issue of flooding at the lake which went viral on social media recently.


Rosli Mansor


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