Ipoh Craftnerds Support War Victims With Art

Ipoh Craftnerds recently came with up a way to support the Ukrainian community in Malaysia. Their project, ‘Ipoh Crafters for Peace’, utilises their crafters’ skill to raise funds and provide assistance to the distressed by donating handicrafts for the cause. 

The handicrafts will be sold or auctioned and the money will go to the humanitarian and relief efforts in Ukraine via Persatuan Kebudayaan Ukraine under the Embassy of Ukraine in Malaysia. 

Founder of the shop, Leong Chai Yuen told us that a project with a purpose such as the Peace project is their way of showing solidarity against any war and their support for peace. The deep camaraderie among the crafters and artisans who participated in this project was felt.

Hoping to run the project long-term, Leong said the team will pay more attention to local needs instead of the sole focus on fundraising events in Ukraine. “Our inspiration comes from our mission to serve the people. Our weapon is our passion and when there is passion, there is love. Love is peace.”

Currently, their handicrafts have made their way to two fundraising events in Kuala Lumpur, one hosted by the Persatuan Kebudayaan Ukraine and the other, Take-out Bake sale by the Association Francophone de Malaisie (AFM).

Ipoh Craftnerds is not your ordinary gift shop. The shop functions as a central system for artists and their products are all crafted in-house!

The craftworks, from fashion accessories and home-living items to plushies and local artistic souvenirs are all house-made and unique. 

“At a glance, Ipoh Craftnerds may look like any ordinary gift shop but its true identity is the crafters and artisans and their handmade products that are not produced for the mass market. At the moment, there are nine in-house crafters. A brick-and-mortar business such as Ipoh Craftnerds allows us to grow beyond the virtual platforms.

“Our goal is to create an offline platform for local artisans to promote and sell their products. We want to promote sustainable shopping by reducing the use of plastics and sourcing reusable materials. We believe doing so can support our local creative industries, such as batik,” she explained. 

Any local artisans who wish to donate their products for other potential projects can get in touch with Ipoh Craftnerds.

The public can also pitch in directly to the Embassy of Ukraine in Malaysia or UNICEF Malaysia

The Ipoh Crafters is a group of passionate local crafters from Ipoh brought together under a creative shop, ‘The Ipoh Craftnerds’ who have a vision to shine the spotlight on arts and crafts. All of them come from all walks of life, such as a full time potter, creative director, a retired teacher and mothers.

The Ipoh Crafnerds shop is located at Sekeping Kong Heng, Shoplex C, 75A Jalan Panglima 30000 Ipoh, Perak.


Gisele Soo


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