Car Demister Function Ensures a Safe Drive

Many have probably encountered the common situation of foggy windshield especially during rainy weather. Constantly having to wipe off the fog is really a pain-in-the-neck experience but that’s not all.

Not being able to see through the fog can leave you in more danger as it obstructs your view as well as endanger others on the road. 

But do you know there is a function in your car that will help defog the windscreen? 

Info Rakyat explained that foggy windows are caused by temperature imbalance between the outside and inside of the car. During the rainy season or when the air outside is colder than inside of the vehicle, water droplets tend to form which then results in cloudy car glass.

However, there are ways to prevent the car from fogging up! Remove the vapour stream by demisting the car. 

These are the steps Info Rakyat suggested to take when the windows fog up:

  1. Make sure the air conditioning is on, then turn on the wind mode.
  2. Turn on the outdoor air cycle mode to allow air from the outside to enter the car without winding down the windows. This is to ensure that the temperature of the air outside and inside is in equilibrium.


Gisele Soo



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