2022 Assessment Tax Lucky Draw: Hairdresser Wins Main Prize of RM20,000

“This money will be used for house repairs and the education of my children,” said the winner of the main prize of the 2022 Assessment Tax Lucky Draw by the Ipoh City Council (MBI).

Yap Weng Wai, 41, from Kampung Baru Jelapang described the main prize which he won as a result of his dedication to pay the assessment tax continuously for 10 years.

“I will ensure that the sum of RM20,000 to be made full use of, especially for important family matters.

“I express my gratitude to the MBI, especially the Mayor who has presented the prize to me.  

“I also hope that members of the public will continue to fulfill their duty of paying assessment tax each year. Maybe next year you will be one of the winners like me today,” he said after the prize presentation ceremony at the Sultan Azlan Hall of the MBI today.

The second prize of RM10,000 was won by Leong Sing Khean, third prize of RM5,000 was won by Chan Kok Ming, fourth prize of RM3,000 was won by Foo Mun Hon and fifth prize of RM3,000 was won by Terry Rosita.

Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said MBI offered 50 cash prizes amounting to RM59,200 overall, with the main prize worth RM20,000. 

“This is the second year of MBI offering cash prizes. On April 1, we carried out 50 draws and this morning we have carried out 30 draws to determine the winners of the main prizes.

“A total of 130,920 bills of annual tax payment were received, recording a surplus of RM35.09 million. The overall revenue collected totalled RM83.1 million compared to RM81.5 million within the same period in 2021. 

“I congratulate Ipohites who have carried out their duty of paying assessment tax.

“I hope this support will continue in realising the vision of making Ipoh a ‘Bandaraya Bestari Sejahtera’,” he said.

Present were MBI Council Member, Richard Ng; City Secretary, Ahmad Munir Ishak and Senior Finance Director of MBI, Saidatul Akma Jamaludin.

The ceremony was also broadcasted live on the Facebook page of the MBI. 

Rosli Mansor


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