Premises of Perak State Secretariat Building Becomes A Location for Ramadan Bazaar

The organisation of a Ramadan bazaar at the parking area of the Perak State Secretariat Building (SUK) is an initiative to facilitate employees and local residents in getting food for the breaking of fast.

Bazar Niaga Ramadan @ Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan which began a week ago only operates throughout the working days from 4pm till 8pm.

The launch of the bazaar site was completed by Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad.

This is an initiative of the State Secretariat together with the State Entrepreneur Development Secretariat (STeP).

According to Saarani, the organisation provides opportunities for more traders to conduct business in the month of Ramadan.

“This is the first time we turn the parking area of the building into a Ramadan bazaar site and the response has been positive.

“It provides relief to employees as they no longer need to rush to visit a Ramadan bazaar.”

A total of 32 local food entrepreneurs will offer various food and beverages for the breaking of fast via their stalls.

This bazaar is also open to members of the public in which they can enter through the main gate and the back of the building.

The organisation included collaborations with Maybank and LokeinSTORE to provide cashless payment facilities.


Rosli Mansor


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