Environmental Sustainability Is A Responsibility of All

The state government hopes to make Perak a green and clean state with the best standard of environmental quality via the Perak Sejahtera 2030 Plan.

Executive Councillor for Health, Science, Environment and Green Technology, Mohd Akmal Kamaruddin stated that the Perak Sejahtera 2030 Plan is the latest initiative to, among others, strengthen the care of the river trails of Perak River to curb pollution and flooding.

“Besides that, efforts to promote environmental awareness need to be intensified to encourage the local community to be more responsible towards the cleanliness and sustainability of the environment.

“The community needs to be educated to instill appreciation for the beauty of nature.

“Members of the public should uphold their duties towards the various services and infrastructure provided by the government by preserving environmental sustainability,” he said after the launch of World Earth Day celebration as well as the soft launch of the state-level Environment Day at the D.R. Seenivasagam Recreational Park today.

Present were Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud; Kinta District Officer, Meor Hezbullah Meor Abd Malik; Director of State Department of Environment, Rosli Zul; Deputy Director-General of PLANMalaysia, Hassan Yaakob and Council Members of the Ipoh City Council (MBI).

Mohd Akmal is in support of MBI’s vision to make Ipoh the Cleanest City by 2023 which is a continuous commitment.

In conjunction with World Earth Day which is celebrated globally on April 22 every year, he urged the community to collectively protect the earth’s treasures from any threat of pollution and damage.

According to him, the global theme of Earth Day is “Invest in Our Planet” while the theme for the state-level Environment Day is “The Environmental is a Responsibility of All”.  

At the same time, Mohd Akmal also officiated an e-waste collection activity and released baby fishes into the nearby river.

Rosli Mansor


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