COVID-19: Perak Records Decline in Cases

The system of state health facilities is reported to be at a stable and controlled level.

Executive Councillor for Health, Science, Environment and Green Technology, Mohd Akmal Kamaruddin stated that a total of 51.8% of hospital beds and 27.5% of beds at Intensive Care Units (ICUs) are currently being used to accommodate patients.

“To date, the system of state health facilities is under control and not worrying.

“As for COVID-19 vaccinations, the administration of booster doses recorded in the state as of May 2 was 1,155,291 individuals (46%) and 1,935,382 for the second dose.

“The trend of COVID-19 infection in the state also showed a decrease. On April 30, a total of 123 cases were recorded while on May 1, there were a total of 96 cases and on May 2, a total of 73 cases.”

He hoped that the decreasing trend of cases will continue during the current transition into the endemic phase.

According to him, the cooperation of all in practising self-discipline and prevention steps can curb the transmission of COVID-19.


Rosli Mansor


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