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Akekchep: A New Attraction at Royal Belum

The Perak State Parks Corporation (PSPC) is now introducing another tourism product, Akekchep which is managed by the residents of the Orang Asli Settlement in Sungai Tiang (Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Tiang).

Akekchep is one of PSPC’s ongoing initiatives in an effort to strengthen the conservation of natural forest and fish populations that live freely throughout the river’s system.

‘Akekchep’ carries the meaning of ‘prohibited / don’t catch’ in the Orang Asli language of Jahai. The uniqueness of the name has become another reason for tourists to travel to this eco-tourism destination.

PSPC will continuously monitor all activities. Although fishing is not allowed, visitors can still enjoy the fish sanctuary and feed the fishes in the area.

Aside from the experience of viewing thousands of freshwater fishes; various activities are available such as jungle trekking, boat riding, rafting, tubing, herbal tours, demonstrations of the Jahai community’s way of life and use of blowpipe.

There are three packages for visitors to choose from. The first package, worth RM900.00, is for four people and begins at the Banding Jetty. This package includes tour guide, permit, boat, jungle trekking, fish feeding and tubing/rafting among others.

The second package, which also starts from Banding Jetty, involves five to eight people. The fee is RM1400.00, which includes tour guide, permit, boat, jungle trekking, fish feeding, tubing/rafting and more.

The third package starts from Pontoon and involves four people, with a payment of RM500.00. It includes tour guide, boat, jungle trekking, fish feeding, tubing/rafting and others.

Those who are interested can call 019-8552132 (Hadi), 019-2071910 (Jefri) or 013-3820940 (Khairul).

You can also browse Akekchep’s social media sites on Facebook at Koast Akekchep and Instagram at akekchep_koast.

The Royal Belum Rainforest with unique flora and fauna is a gem of Perak which is known globally for its wealth of biodiversity, making a holiday at Akekchep to be priceless.

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