Assessment Tax Arrears: Discussion Space is Always Open

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) welcomes owners facing problems in paying assessment tax arrears to be present at the MBI premises.

Ipoh Mayor Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said that his party is ready for discussion in the form of negotiation. In addition, payment in installments according to the owner’s capabilities is also available.

“The council will send the Assessment Tax Bill for the second term of 2022 to the owners by the end of June.

“If there are owners who still have not received the Assessment Tax Bill after that period, they can print out the bill via,” he said in his speech during the MBI Full Board Meeting for the month of June on Thursday.

He said the deadline for payment of the Assessment Tax Bill for the second term of 2022 will end on August 31.

The Mayor hoped that Ipohites will be diligent in carrying out their responsibilities as taxpayers for the wellbeing of all.

In a separate development, he highlighted that the MBI payment counter accepts payments through e-wallets such as Boost, TouchNGo, GrabPay, AliPay and even WeChat Pay starting June 1.

“Payments through e-wallets are in high demand from the users and meet the current needs of the people.

He added that the council will perform upgrades from time to time by adding more channels of payment for the convenience of the citizens.


by Rosli Mansor

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