Open for Application: National River Care Fund by Global Environment Centre

Running in its eighth cycle, the Global Environment Centre (GEC)’s small grant programme, National River Care Fund (NRCF) is now open for application until August 31 with up to RM35,000 worth of grants up for grabs.

“This round of NRCF cycle also introduces a new funding category which is flood preparedness,” explained Dato’ Ir. Lim Chow Hock, Chair of NRCF Advisory Committee.

“The unprecedented floods that have swept across Malaysia highlight the need for communities to be resilient in preparing to face disasters and to be informed on the necessary actions to be taken. Funding on empowerment of such efforts is much needed especially with the increasing intensity and frequency of storms in Southeast Asia.

Since the fund’s establishment in 2015, the selected startups or operations of each cycle are awarded with grants up to RM5,000 each for initiatives centred on river and water rehabilitation or conservation.

Faizal Parish, Director of GEC added, “We have seen numerous success stories from the grantees leaving impacts such as improved water quality, local communities who are more informed on the importance of rivers and how to conduct river care activities, as well as enhanced ownership of the rivers. I believe NRCF has been able to support and empower more communities to be proactive in caring for our rivers and manage the water sources sustainably.”

One example of success stories featuring Perakean grantees from previous cycles was carried out by the Neighbourhood Watch (KRT) of Taman Meru Perdana 1 in Chemor in 2017.

Gotong-royong activity by Neighbourhood Watch (KRT) of Taman Meru Perdana 1

The said project gathered 55 local community members to conduct gotong-royong (in the spirit of volunteerism) activity near Kolam Tadahan 1. They cleaned up the drains in the area and released fish seeds into the pond to enhance the ecosystem. As a result, no dengue fever case was reported during the project duration and less rubbish dump was found in the area. Algae weeds in the pond were also reduced.

Thus, for the current cycle, community-based organisations such as resident association, Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK), Neighbourhood Watch (KRT), non-profit organisation, educational institution and special interest group are invited to apply for funding in the following 7 categories:

  • Awareness raising, education and capacity building;
  • Riverine biodiversity conservation;
  • River pollution and clean up;
  • River rehabilitation and protection;
  • Sustainable livelihood;
  • Best management practices to reduce the pollution; and/or
  • Flood preparedness

The current cycle will not only provide grant support for the 7 selected groups, but also environmental educational training opportunities.

Do take note that applications must be submitted via the online form or using the printable form available on NRCF website.

For more details about the eligibility criteria and application process, visit

by Tan Mei Kuan

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