MPM Cleans House Crammed with Rubbish

The Manjung Municipal Council (MPM) has taken action to clean up a house full of old and used items in Taman Bintang, Pantai Remis today.

The cleaning work which was done from 8.30am to 11.00am, was carried out following complaints received from local residents.

MPM’s Corporate and Public Relations Unit said that the complaints were due to the condition of the house’s environment, which was so dirty and filled with rubbish, that it was causing a disturbance. They went on to say that the cleaning work was done with the assistance of a compactor truck, a backhoe and a roro truck.

“The MPM had previously issued nuisance notices to the house owners to clear the rubbish from their house’s vicinity.

“A compound was once again issued for failing to comply with the instructions of the notice based on Section 46(1)(D), Roads, Drains and Buildings Act 1974 (Act 133).

“The mistake was due to placing recyclable items in the side alleys and in front of the premises which caused obstructions and foul odours in public places,” said the statement.

This cleaning operation was accompanied by 18 members of the Environmental Health and City Services Department and 6 members of the MPM Licensing and Enforcement Department.

MPM requests the cooperation of the community in the Manjung district to always keep the environment of the residential areas clean, so as not to accumulate rubbish and become a public nuisance.

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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