Flurry Of Projects From ACS Ipoh

Hot on the heels of their seniors at SMK ACS Ipoh, SK ACS Ipoh also held a Founder’s Day Celebration today. Appropriately, the event was held in Horley Hall, a facility named after the school’s founder, Reverend William Edward Horley.

There, the new Headmaster, Mr. Sargunawaran s/o Manickam, who himself is an alumni of the school, welcomed the guests, teachers and students to the event. Chairman of the Board of Governors, Dr. Lai Thian Seong and President of the ACS Ipoh Alumni, Dato Lean Meng Seong both gave speeches to rouse and motivate the students, who then calmed down for a poetry reading performance, to close out the event.

This is simply the prelude for more to come however, as on Friday (August 26), from approximately 7.20am to 8am, ACS will be holding a parade that will take them from the gates of the school, up to Medan Kidd, and back around the school’s signature swimming pool. It promises to be a sight to behold and the public should take the opportunity to witness it if they can.

On top of that, ACS Ipoh is setting its sights on a 4th entry into the Malaysia Book of Records, with a Brick-a-thon, which will put the artistic talents of the school on display, upon a massive canvas of bricks. Ipoh Echo was fortunate enough to witness the progress of this project, which was done by the students themselves. While they await the arrival of more bricks with which to lay, the students have already begun priming the bricks for painting.

The school’s previous entries into the Malaysia Book of Records had been a huge kolam of the Jalur Gemilang, measuring 73.3m by 41.3m in 2007. An incredible structure comprised of 186,688 aluminium tin cans in 2009, which depicted the school’s logo to the world. And a Florathon in 2013, which was made up of 31,500 colourful shrubs.


ACS is certainly leading the way.

by KT Leong

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