Residents of Jalan Jelapang 8A are relieved that the road is newly paved

The residents of Jalan Jelapang 8A have a reason to be extra happy this National Day. The road’s condition had not been good, which was an inconvenience to the residents. However, the problem was solved by the Jelapang State Assemblyman, Cheah Pou Hian, thus relieving the residents.

One of the residents, Arputha Raj, 62, said that he and the local residents thanked Cheah for arranging to resolve the issue.

“Residents are very happy now that this road is in good condition.

“Actually, we have asked for help many times with the leaders of other political parties, but the request was ignored,” he said.

According to Arupatha, the residents finally voiced the problem of this road to the Head of the Jelapang Neighbourhood Association, Thinakaran, who then informed Cheah.

Meanwhile, Cheah said, the problem of the road has been resolved and the road has been re-paved for the comfort of the local residents.

“Just like the residents and other communities in Jelapang State Assembly, it is my duty to help with any problems that exist.

“Therefore, if there are any problems, they can be reported directly to the Jelapang State Assembly Service Office for attention,” he said.

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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