Caged Fish Farming Can Give Good Returns

There is no age limit for anyone who wants to find a source of income through aquaculture activities, including those who have no experience but dare to try.

Despite realising that there is a risk, and that it is especially challenging for the elderly, Ishak Yeop, 73, still farms caged fish in Kampung Bandar Lama. More well known as ‘Pak Harun’ among the local population, he believes it is not too late for individuals of his age to venture into the field.

Mr. Harun had no experience in fish farming, having previously worked as a house handyman. But everything was done through the help of close friends.

Currently, he is working with six fish cages located on the banks of the Perak River in the village.

“This cage fish farm was started five months ago, consisting of red tilapia and catfish. On average each cage has about 8,000 fish.

“Even though there are challenges, it does not break my spirit to start something new,” he said when met recently.

Speaking further, Pak Harun explained that during each season or catch, he could sell about 8,000 fish depending on customer demand.

He said currently, he markets the fish himself for the local market, which is sold according to the current market price.

For daily affairs, Pak Harun is also assisted by his son, Mohd. Rostam, 34.

“Currently the demand for caged fish is very good.

“I am also looking for new markets, including from outside Perak, who want to get a supply of fresh caged fish,” he said.

Those who wish to obtain a supply of caged fish from Sungai Perak can contact Pak Harun at 019-4920480 or 019-5184831 (Mohd. Rostam).

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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