Hearing Aids For B40 Seniors in Tebing Tinggi State Constituency

Senior citizens aged 60 years and above from B40 families in the Tebing Tinggi State Assembly, can apply for the benefits of the Hearing Aid Programme.

Tebing Tinggi State Assembly Member, Dr Abdul Aziz Bari said the programme was an initiative of his office in collaboration with two sponsors.

Abdul Aziz said the priority of the aid is for the elderly who do not have children while also suffering from permanent hearing loss.

He said that due to the high cost per unit of the device, at the moment, only 10 hearing devices can be given to those who really deserve it.

“Due to the limited quota of hearing aids, these will only be given to those with permanent hearing loss.

“This programme has the cooperation of two sponsors who donated 10 units of hearing aids, eight of which were donated by 20dB Hearing Sdn Bhd.

“One unit costs about RM10,000, so it’s really expensive and that’s why the gift is quite limited.

“This programme also has a collaboration with the Ipoh Specialist Hospital, for the purpose of conducting hearing exams.

“Thus, all applicants need to go to the hospital to conduct the test and the audiologist will make a decision in selecting the most suitable seniors,” he said at a special press conference regarding the programme at the Ipoh Timor MP Community Centre and Tebing Tinggi State Constituency on Wednesday.

He also said that if the senior citizens who apply are eligible, then the hearing aids will be handed over by the Tebing Tinggi Assemblyman’s Office.

He noted that hearing loss can not only cause problems in communication, but also lead to feelings of loneliness, suspicion as well as other mental and psychological problems such as social isolation.

“For that reason, our office held this assistance in order to help elderly people in need, and to raise awareness in the community to create compassion for those with hearing problems.

“We give priority to the elderly who have no children or relatives because they are more in need than those with families.

“I therefore encourage the elderly in the Tebing Tinggi State Assembly who suffer from hearing problems, to get hearing aids,” he said.

Applications for the programme will start this Friday until October 21. Applicants need to go to the Ipoh Timor MP Community Centre and Tebing Tinggi State Constituency for the form filling process.

Those with inquiries can contact the office Hotline 010-393 2908 to get more information.

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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