Executive Discourse ISP 2030 – A Platform For Ipoh City Council’s Agenda Towards Ipoh’s Transformation

The views and presentations by the panel in the Ipoh Strategic Plan (ISP) 2030 Executive Discourse today, aims to provide further understanding towards achieving its future plan.

The mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said, “A strategic plan is important and significant in the continuation of excellence of an organisation. He also said that this goes hand in hand with an innovative and creative work culture through its employees’ integrity, speed and professionalism”.

“As a local authority, which is the third government after the Capital and the state government, the Ipoh City Council (MBI) is the driving force in municipal management to ensure Ipoh as a Smart, Low Carbon, Prosperous and High-Income City by 2030.

“This aspiration is in line with the agenda of Ipoh City Council and the federal state government in its efforts to transform Ipoh into a developed, sustainable, livable and ‘vibrant’ city,” he said.

He said this while inaugurating the ISP 2030 Executive Talk, at the Ipoh City Council Operations Room on Wednesday.

Executive Officer of the Darul Ridzuan Institute (IDR) Dr. Maisarah Ahmad and Deputy Director of Sector 1, Perak State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN), L. Kumaresan acted as guest panellists and delivered a briefing on the Prosperous Perak Development Plan 2030.

Also present were the City Secretary, Ahmad Munir Ishak, WHIP Leaders, Council Members, and MBI citizens.

Rumaizi went on by saying “ Commitment, Agreement and Close collaboration through impactful strategies that are supported by stakeholders and strategic partners, the goal is the achievement of providing  excellence in service.

“Ipoh City Council’s Strategic Plan 2021-2030, put into place strategies  as well as key performance indicators (KPI) and are seen to be in line with the goals and direction of the city of Ipoh,” he said.

He hoped that MBI employees would be more committed and motivated to raise their efforts to improve the quality of the service delivery system and work as one team.

By Strengthening Inclusive Urban Management Towards a Low Carbon, Smart and Healthy City by 2030, this plan has been formulated based on seven benchmarks, i.e.:

a) Ipoh the Cleanest City in Malaysia 2023;
b) Ipoh a Major National Tourism City 2025; (3H, Heritage, Hipster & Health)
c) Ipoh Possesses Digital Infrastructure and Other Infrastructures, among the Best  in the Country 2027;
d) Ipoh a Smart City 2030;
e) Ipoh a Low Carbon City 2030
f)  Ipoh a Smart, Healthy City 2030; and
g) Ipoh Achieves High Income City Target 2030

by Rosli Mansor

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