Escalators at Ipoh Railway Station in regular disrepair

The escalators at the Ipoh Railway Station have long been in regular disrepair. Either one or both are noted as frequently blocked off for repair or maintenance. Netizens have been complaining on social media for the past month that the frequent maintenance is a significant inconvenience for the elderly or those with disabilities.

Picture credit to Andrew Chen

A lift is available and helps during low traffic, but is not as effective during high traffic, particularly as it is hidden from plain view, so new travelers would have trouble locating it.

Picture credit to Andrew Chen
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  1. I’m not sure if this reporting is complete.
    Did you contact the authorities responsible to ask why is this so, and give them a chance to share their plans for improvement? That would be a more complete reporting in my mind.

  2. You are correct. While the article is just pointing out the disrepair and reaction of netizens, and not necessarily blaming anyone; this is something we’ll need to follow-up. Thanks for being fair-minded and able to look at both sides Jason.

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