Desa Pakatan – Bandar Seri Botani shortcut repaired

For the past 10 years, the shortcut from Desa Pakatan to Bandar Seri Botani is a private road which has become an important link for local residents.

This road shortens the journey in addition to making it easier for people to get to their respective destinations without going through the main road.

Because it is a private road, it is left unattended when there are potholes caused by heavy vehicles and filled up when it rains.

This situation causes difficulties for the users, with even some local residents’ vehicles being damaged due to the potholed road surface.

However, an initiative to repair this road was taken by Barisan Nasional (BN) when it took to the field led by Gopeng Parliamentary MCA Coordinator, Cally Ting.

She, along with UMNO Gopeng Division Chief Datuk Hang Tuah Din and TeamMCAN44, went to the field to inspect the repair work on the bypass yesterday.

“This private road has never received the attention of the people’s representatives in the last 10 years. The condition of the road is really bad and endangers road users.

“With the efforts of #TeamMCAN44, the road has been repaired and #MCAGopeng will bear all the costs of repairing this road,” she said through a post on her Facebook page.

Cally also thanked the local residents for their help in speeding up the road repair works.

In the meantime, she said, residents who have any problems, especially public service complaints, can contact the Gopeng Parliament MCA Coordination Office hotline at 016-5605125.


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