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To Sir with Love

Remembering Chin Yoong Kim

by Rosalina Ooi, president of the Perak Society of Performing Arts

‘Teacher’ to the Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Ipoh, “Sir” as Choir Master to the PSPA Singers and our beloved “Mr Chin” as Music Director to PSPA productions and committee member of Perak Society of Performing Arts.

“Dear Sir, you shared with us wholeheartedly and freely your love of music and song. You embraced us with the music and the song so that we can absorb and love it too! You taught us that your love was unconditional despite how off pitch we were or how limited in ability and experience.”

“Dear Sir, you were a truly dedicated teacher of ACS Ipoh but more, you were passionate about the music and the song.  It was most precious to see your joy and delight when you were pleased with a good choral practice. As every good teacher knows, you knew students needed to be nurtured, encouraged, and certainly nudged along to find their true potential just like the little bird who is pushed out of the nest, finds the wind beneath its wings and flies! You helped us fly!”

Chong Li Han & Ng Kok Aun provided music for all Mr. Chin’s projects. They were indeed a formidable team! Li Han at the piano with her patience and understanding of the choir master’s requirements, she accompanied many of the PSPA Singers’ practices and rehearsals.

Kok Aun provided the spectacular musical arrangements that provided the soul and vitality to the production. Rehearsals with Mr. Chin were always rigorous but satisfying. His attention to details helped even the most mediocre singer come up to mark. One can see his eyes widen and gleam with approval when Eddie Chin, Shu Wern Sze and Gavin Tang sang, as they always uplifted our spirits with their beautiful renditions. Of course, there were also Suzanna Saw, Alan Wong, Jamie Chang, Maryann Poh, Tan Kit Pheng, Sharon Lam to name a few who sang just as beautifully! It was also in one of Mr. Chin’s ACS musicals where Michelle Yeoh played a main role in Carousel and Mano Maniam played the king in King and I.  Many of those who performed for him went on to establish performing arts careers.

Mr. Chin’s productions with Perak Society of Performing Arts always brought much Joy to all the community of Ipoh. The Broadway musicals include ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ & ‘South Pacific’ on Love on Broadway, ‘Carousel’ and ‘ABBA’ in Bursting Out, ‘Grease’ and ‘The Chorus Line on Double Bill and ‘Bridgadoon’. There were also the operas ‘Merry Widow’ and ‘Carmen’ plus so many other PSPA Singers performances for Christmas and occasions.

“Thank you, Sir for the Music and the Songs we are Singing!”

“Dear Sir, you were always polite and gentlemanly. It is heart-warming to remember your chuckle when your requests for any production needs were met. It was indeed a privilege to calm you when you were frustrated and worried that the songs would not be ready for the performance. They were always ready.”

“Your wit and sense of humour were always an unexpected delight! A sudden divergence from the topic of discussion at a committee meeting was probably caused by a joke you had sent around the table by SMS. ‘Teacher’ taking on the cheeky boy’s role was always endearing because we loved you so! It made us laugh!”

“Dear Sir, Thank you for your constant inspiration, support, and generosity.

Thank you for all the joy you brought to us! The Songs still resonate in our minds and hearts and the fellowship of these collaborations will always be held precious and dear!”

To Sir with all our love!

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