Relocation of flood victims to not impact their livelihood

by Rosli Mansor

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad informed that the state government will relocate flood victims to strategic areas so that the victims can continue their livelihoods as usual.

According to him, Perak is identifying suitable areas for the resettlement of residents who are often affected by floods.

“District and Land officials have been asked to identify the areas in question, according to the socio-economics of the people involved.

“Sometimes, people involved in these floods live on the banks of the river; their work and their income depends on the river.

“So, if our team moves him away from the river, he will lose his source of income.

“That’s why, when you want to relocate flood victims, you have to take into account first, the area where they are placed is suitable yet safer than the original area; second, not far from where they earn a living.

“We ask that all the District Offices understand and look into the situation, because knowing the climate change factor, along with weather changes, floods happen in many places repeatedly,” he said.

He was met after the ‘Selamat Pagi Saarani’ programme at the Malaysian Broadcasting Department of Perak today.

Saarani confirmed that 28 houses will be built in Kampung Air Hitam, Teluk Intan, to relocate residents who are often affected by floods around Jalan Changkat Jong.

According to him, an allocation of RM3.94 million was approved to the Perak Housing and Property Authority (LPHP) in 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accordingly, LPHP will apply for additional allocations because the cost of the project has now increased following the increase in the price of building materials.

On Nov 30, residents of several villages in Jalan Changkat Jong pleaded for them to be evacuated immediately because they were often hit by floods.

In fact, during November alone, their houses were flooded more than twice, causing damage to many possessions.

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