Little Astronauts 2023 Exposes Children To Astronomy

by Rosli Mansor

“Through this programme I had the opportunity to do various exciting science experiments. I can also learn about the mysteries of the universe related to astronomy,” said Nur Fatin Aliya.

Nur Fatin Aliya Rosli Mansor, 10, is one of the children who participated in the Little Astronauts 2023 programme organised by Pantai Hospital Ipoh, today.

“I was most happy when I was explained about the structure of the earth’s layers and their arrangement, magnetic car experiments, volcanic rainbows and many more.

“I am very interested in learning science, through this programme I have gained a lot of knowledge, experience and new friends from various nationalities, thank you Pantai Hospital,” she said after the ceremony of presenting certificates and ‘goodies bags’ to all participants by the ENT Specialist, Dr. Khor Kee Guan and Neurologist, Dr. Lau Kar Foo.

The Little Astronauts 2023 programme, which lasts for four hours, is specially open to children aged 7 to 10 years with a total number of participants exceeding 100 children.

The main objective of the activity is to give children the opportunity to be able to explore more about the mysteries of the universe and knowledge related to astronomy.

Parents of participants also have the opportunity to attend health talks sessions by ENT Specialists, Neurologists & Nutritionists. The title of this health talk focuses on inner ear problems among children, stroke and how to maintain a healthy weight in children.


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