Blood Donation Campaign at Taiping Central Plaza

By Anne Das

The Youth League of Taiping Renhe Office and the Youth League of Jiyang Church in Perak jointly organised a blood donation campaign at Taiping Central Plaza yesterday, which received enthusiastic response from the public and received 125 packets of precious blood.

Perak State Executive Councilor Zheng Guolin presided over the opening. In his speech, he emphasised that saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. Donating blood can not only benefit the people, but also improve people’s awareness of health. It is worthwhile to promote.

He is pleased that many non-governmental organisations are actively organising blood donation activities recently, creating a lot of love atmosphere for the society, which is even more gratifying

What’s more, the event has also seen wide participation by all ethnic groups, showing the spirit of solidarity and cooperation. I hope that all ethnic groups will work hard and continue to contribute to good deeds, and announced the allocation of RM1,000 for the event’s expenses.

Cai Zaiyi, president of the Renhe Office and Jiyang Church, said that since charity donation is a very meaningful activity, he hoped that the Youth League of the 2nd Association would list it as a perennial activity to benefit the community and implement the goal of serving the community.

He also said that as far as we know, the blood bank of the hospital has always been facing a shortage of blood, especially during the festive season, when the required amount doubles. He hopes that all ethnic groups will actively participate and do their best for social charity and welfare.

Attendees included Zhang Ruifa, general secretary of Taiping Renhe Office, Cai Shangzhao, head of youth group, Cai Shiping, acting president of Jiyang Church, Cai Shiyuan, general affairs director, Cai Guangyuan, Cai Shangyu, Cai Changxin, and Cai Chongfu, directors.

Cai Zaiyi (second from left) presented a fruit hamper to Zheng Guolin who came to the opening ceremony, Cai Shangzhao on the left, Zhang Ruifa on the third from the left, Cai Shiyuan and Cai Shiping from the right.
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