Idda’s Frozen brand is strong in the market

By: Zaki Salleh

From humble beginnings, the venture of Hamidah Sulaiman running a frozen food business is now creating success when her products are becoming well known.

The Idda’s Frozen brand is no longer obscure, in fact the frozen products produced are also sold outside the state of Perak, especially in the north of the Peninsula.

Among them, at the Lesong Mart supermarket chain, Agrobazar and Jimat-Jimat Fresh Mart chain.

Idda’s Frozen, which is operated on a premises in Taman Rafflesia, Gerik can now proudly boast of producing 20 types of food products. Products such as curry paste, roti canai, samosas, poppy seeds, donuts, kuih keria, Pusing curry puff, masala wadih and grilled glutinous rice.

The success of this brand is also the result of the help and support of agencies such as the Department of Agriculture, Mara and the Perak State Agricultural Development Corporation.

According to Hamidah, her intention now is to go further as well as strengthening the existing market.

She said, what was done was not all easy, but thanks to the tireless efforts of almost 18 years.

“Until now, there are 20 frozen products that have been produced to penetrate the market around Perak, Klang Valley, Perlis, Penang and Johor.

“The help received from various quarters have also helped in ensuring that our company continues to grow and be competitive in line with other frozen products,” she said through sharing on the Facebook page.

Idda’s Frozen is currently planning to open another branch in Batu Gajah this March in order to further expand the sale of its products.

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