Additional Tracker Dogs, Timely Boost for Bomba.

By Yeap Ming Liong

It is pleasing to note that the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia’s request for 12 more tracker dogs has been approved. It will certainly be a timely boost for the department as they have been very much involved in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations such as the recent tragic Batang Kali landslide and earthquake in Turkiye.

Photos on social media showing Bomba tracker dogs joining their counterparts such as TAR of the Civil Defence Force showed how hard they and their handlers were working in a race against time to locate victims in the Batang Kali incident.

One can only sympathize with these dogs, knowing they have only one concern which is to locate as many victims as possible. The weary look on their faces serves as a reminder for us to appreciate the sacrifices of these tracker dogs.

Make no mistake. I am not only carrying a flag for Bomba’s K9 unit, but for all tracker dogs who have served alongside Malaysia’s finest be it from the Malaysian Armed Forces or the Civil Defence’s or any other uniformed force or agency.

In the same breath, I would like to humbly call on everyone to respect animals. Any form of animal cruelty has to stop. It does not matter which breed or species that animal is from, horrendous acts of cruelty to any living thing let alone animals who are voiceless must cease.

Malaysia has laws against animal cruelty and yet there are people, who are ignorant or downright evil, showing no remorse or thought for another living being. Please stop torturing, abusing and neglecting your pets or strays. Display kindness and compassion for all animals.

There are instances where individuals argue that there is a need for taking measures into their own hands due to safety and health reasons. However, bear in mind that vector control units by local town councils have the expertise and experts to deal with matters like this.

We do not need to be reminded to be kind and compassionate towards animals. Please spare a thought for all animals.

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