“Running Zombie” 2023 concluded

By KT Leong

Perak Wonders in conjunction and with great support from Perak Transit, have completed their “Running Zombie” 2023 Fun Run Event at Terminal Kampar Putra. The event saw hundreds of runners and around 50 zombie runners make a loop that began and ended at Terminal Kampar Putra.

The run started with the shutter gate closed and only slowly rising as zombies started coming down the escalators toward the surviving runners. As the gate rose high enough for the runners to start getting through, fear and exhilaration built within the survivors. Many survivors who were clamouring to get through turned their heads towards the sound of screaming zombies who ran toward them at full throttle.

After funnelling through a narrow passageway and up to the parking lot, zombies continued to give chase throughout the circuit. Finally, the run was done and prizes were given out. To keep the fun up but to also slowly lower the adrenaline, a dance party was held as everybody got to experience an enjoyment that didn’t involve running for their lives.

The dance party ended after about an hour and the participants dispersed. How well some of them slept that night, after the horrors that chased them just scant hours ago, we may never know.

One of the organisers, Mr. Jacky Hung, expressed his gratitude for the amount of support from Perak Transit as well as the staff and volunteers who helped make the night one to remember. While they had to reschedule the event from November last year due to the 15th General Election, which affected the turnout as people were no longer in the Halloween mood, Mr. Hung still hoped that through events like this, they can continue to build Perak as a happening and prosperous place.


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