An elderly man lost his way while climbing Mount Liang, found safe

BY: Aida Aziz

TANJUNG MALIM: An elderly man who was feared to have lost his way while climbing Mount Liang here yesterday, was found safe by the rescue team today.

Head of Operations of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) Perak, PPgB Mohd Zarul Fahmi Mohd Nazari, said the 68-year-old victim was found in a state of exhaustion at 10.19 am this morning.

He further said that his party received a call regarding the incident at 6.58 pm yesterday, and then members of the Tanjung Malim Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) assisted by the Slim Village Volunteer Fire Brigade rushed to the location.

“The victim climbed the mountain together with two other individuals, however, they were safe.

“The search operation continued at 8.30 this morning when the missing victim contacted his son and stated the his location.

“Firefighters and other agencies involved such as the police, the Forest Department and mountain rangers conducted a search operation by dividing into two teams.

“Finally the victim was found exhausted, which is four kilometres from the Fire Control Center,” he told reporters.

He said the victim was brought down safely by rescue personnel and handed over to the ambulance for follow-up treatment.

The operation ended completely at 1 pm.

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