Litter is scattered everywhere, what action is Taman Seri Rapat’s community taking?

BY: Zaki Saleh

IPOH: The issue of scattered trash along the road, which serves as the location for the night market in Taman Seri Rapat, remains unchanged as piles of illicit waste persist.

Several residents interviewed expressed no surprise, but rather bewilderment, if the area were to be clean suddenly.

They cited warning signs put up by the Ipoh City Council (MBI) prohibiting the disposal of illicit waste as mere decorations.

This is because they are tired of the irresponsible behavior of a few residents, including members of the public, who litter the area.

They likened the area to a drive-thru for dumping illicit waste.

“I don’t know who should be responsible for monitoring this area,” questioned resident Mazlan Aliman.

He said that the sight of trash in the area has caused residents to become apathetic.

Another resident, Esther Lee, suggested that the community organize a large-scale clean-up campaign to tackle the trash.

She said that the involvement of elected representatives, including members of the Ipoh City Council and village or district chiefs, is also welcomed.

“I’m curious if the elected representatives of this area have received complaints about this trash or not.

“Usually, if a representative visits the area, they quickly receive responses from other parties.

“So if they haven’t yet, I suggest that the elected representatives and members of the Ipoh City Council come and visit the area,” she said.

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