HRPB parking issue: The state government will discuss with Perak Police and MBI

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: The state government will discuss with the Perak Police and the Ipoh City Council (MBI) to seek consideration not to issue summonses to people who park their vehicles outside the grounds of the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital (HRPB), here.

State Human Resources, Health and Community Affairs Committee chairman A Sivanesan said his party will hold a meeting with the Perak Police Chief next week to resolve the never-ending issue.

“Next week I will meet with the Chief of Police of Perak and will discuss the problem of the police issuing summonses to people who park on the side of the road near the hospital at certain times.

“Especially from 8 to 12 noon and evening, especially during visiting hours. We will also hold a meeting with MBI and ask for their recommendations to deal with the matter.

“Now the usual complaint we receive is that there are not enough parking spaces. Having admitted that, perhaps the police can waive the issue of summonses to offer a little relief to the public, he said.

He said this to reporters at a special press conference regarding the issue at the Greentown Health Clinic, here on Thursday.

In the meantime, when commenting on the closure of the shuttle van service parking area in front of the clinic, Sivanesan said it was done to carry out the construction of a new, more systematic parking area.

“A parking area will be provided there with a capacity of 240 spaces, it is expected to be completed on May 15 this year.

“Previously, some visitors to the hospital did park there but for a while, it was closed and moved next to the People’s Velodrome of the Ipoh Sports Complex from March 13,” he added.

Previously, the media reported complaints from the public regarding the endless parking issue, for which they were often sued for parking their vehicles on the side of the road near the hospital.

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