BVH #Bettertogether Dinner is like a 70s-era party

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – The Bonanza Venture Holdings (BVH) group of companies held a dinner party in a lively atmosphere at Hotel Weil last night.

BVH involves property development  (Kinta Properties) as the foundation of the group in addition to hospitality and leisure (Meru Valley Resort), automotive distribution (Ban Hoe Seng Auto) and education (Bonanza Educare).

The colourful evening began with a welcome speech by Chairman of BVH Dato’ Lim Si Boon where he said how happy he was that after an hiatus of two years due to the pandemic, we were finally able to resume our annual staff celebration.

With a 70s-era theme, the banquet hall’s lobby was also decorated with displays against the backdrop of Ipoh’s old town, replicas of retail shops and street stalls.

The atmosphere was full of nostalgic music and songs of the 70s era, playing amidst a vibrant sea of colours reminiscent of the hippy culture and Woodstock.

With more than 400 staff, most of whom were dressed to match the 70s theme,  the atmosphere was electric, lent more so by the inimitable MC, KT Pillai.

The 70s theme was chosen to commemorate the early beginnings of the group, started by Dato Si Boon’s late father, Dato KK Lim in 1975.

The group has since grown,and this party saw the inclusion of Miri in Sarawak through a live broadcast from the school there where all the staff were also gathered for the celebration.

The cheerfulness of the ceremony was enhanced by the entertaining chatter of the well-known MC, none other than KT Pillai.

To enliven the event, the staff also showed their singing and dancing talents in the BVH Got Talent Showcase.

Ipoh Echo staff members also joined in the Talent Showcase in a joint performance with Ipoh World and Shared Services.

The best performance was won by the Bonanza Educare staff who performed energetic singing combined with lively dancing.

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