Shazam! Fury of the Gods Review

By KT Leong

The last time I went to watch a movie at the theatre was for the first Shazam! movie. So it’s quite appropriate that the first movie I’ve watched since the pandemic would be its sequel.

The first Shazam! movie was pretty solid for what it was. It was good, more lighthearted than the other DC movies at the time but perhaps a little generic and somewhat forgettable.

This sequel is definitely better but feels more like a story arc from a TV series rather than your standard standalone movie. I guess this is because it acknowledges and references the rest of the DC Extended Universe, like Aquaman and the Flash.

Speaking of references, the movie has its fair share of references, from referencing the first movie, Iron Giant, Peacemaker and even a cameo by Michael Gray, the actor for the Shazam!TV series from the 70s. He even calls Shazam! by the “forbidden name”.

The villains are actually quite different from your standard superhero movie villains, with Helen Mirren being far better than she has to be for the role. Like a real person, her motivations seem to fall within a certain behavioural range. Although that can’t be said for the other villains, but all in all, it’s a nice change from your standard movie villain behaviour.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is a marked improvement over the 2019 movie but it’s hardly great. That said, the 2 hours absolutely flew by and the audience around me seemed to really enjoy it. It has a little bit of violence and moderate “almost” cursing, so it’s appropriate for viewers of all ages.

I’d recommend the movie. It’s not must-see but it’s an enjoyable waste of time all the same.

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