The issue of illegal dumping in Taiping

By Zaki Salleh

TAIPING – The bad attitude of a few irresponsible parties to throw garbage on the curbside near here is causing discomfort among local residents and the public.

This situation not only pollutes the area but tarnishes the name of Taiping which is known for its long history of development.

Garbage can easily be seen scattered on the side of the road in most housing estates here as if there is no enforcement action.

Although residents often complain regarding the garbage issue through Facebook social media and direct complaints to the Taiping Municipal Council (MPT), not much has changed.

The irresponsible attitude of the polluting residents is the cause of the problem of illegal dumping overflow even though the cleaning contractor has provided dustbins.

Factory worker, Kamaruddin Mohamed Salleh said, he does not understand how a few parties can be so irresponsible in dumping rubbish.

“We feel ashamed when visited by outsiders who see this situation,” he said.

For the resident of Jalan Tekah, Abdullah Sani Hamidi, he admits that the situation there hurts his heart and eyes when he sees garbage on the left and right of the road.

He said this sense of irresponsibility makes it difficult to do whatever the authorities do when they don’t get cooperation.

Meanwhile, MPT Chairman, Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir said, there are 49 illegal dumping sites still active in the administrative area with an average of 780 tonnes of garbage collected.

According to him, throughout this year until February, a total of 13 compounds were issued with a total of RM 3,250.

“Among the locations of this illegal dumping hotspots are  Jalan Tekkah Impian 2, Taman Tekkah Impian, Lengkok Taman Sungai Mas and Kamunting Raya Industrial Area (80 tons).

“Also detected were dumpsites at Ladang Sin Wah, Kamunting-Batu Kurau Road and Kampung Pinang Seberang,” he said.

He said that from the 49 total of illegal dumping locations, 10 have been closed.

“We always diversify our efforts such as regular cleaning campaigns, putting up warning signs, installing barrier ropes and mutual aid with the residents.

“Two illegal dumping sites have been installed with CCTV, but there are a few people who take the cleanliness issue for granted,” he said.

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