Teenager sell cookies to help mom

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Her happiness is to see her mother smile even though she has to sacrifice her youth.

Hanis Sofea Norazman, 18, has a lot of patience in taking care of her mother who is sick due to a stroke for the past seven months.

Starting from that, Hanis Sofea’s life is not like other teenagers. As an only child she feels it her responsibility to overcome various obstacles and take care of her mother.

Since her late father, Norazman Idris died in 2014 due to diabetes, only her mother earns a living by giving massages from house to house.

Although the income is small, it is enough to cover the expenses of the two of them, including her schooling at Raja Perempuan Ipoh Girls’ Secondary School (RPS).

After her mother fell ill she had to find a way to ensure her daily expenses including her mother’s medicine.

“The idea of ​​making a cake came from my mother and the support of my school friends. In addition, I recently received a donation of an oven from Navira Meditech.

“I also started learning to make cookies from YouTube, my efforts paid off and now I get a lot of orders. My product brand is De pia’s bake, Homemade.

“I am happy to be able to take care of my mother even though I have to divide the time between making cookies with studies. The teacher understood and encouraged me. The last Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) examination went well.

“Everything I do is to see my mother smiling and healthy again. I have to look ahead for my mother’s sake. Thank you to those who supported me,” she said, having been working as a saleslady at Ansana Mall for a week.

Her mother, Zunita Ghazali, 47, is currently undergoing follow-up treatment at Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital (HRPB) for both eyes that are suffering from nerve problems.

According to Hanis Sofea, she would prepare food for her mother before leaving the house to work.

“Even when I was in school, I had to prepare food before going to school. My mother’s eyesight has gotten worse and both of her knees hurt, causing her to not be able to stand for long.

“My monthly income from selling cakes and biscuits is about RM400 a month, which is enough to pay rent of RM150 a month and other things by saving.

“I will continue my studies but it depends on my mother’s health. I hope my mother’s health is under control,” she said, who lives in Alur Tasek Timur flats 1, Taman Mewah Bercham.

People who want to help Hanis Sofea’s business, can place an order at 017 6666 838 or visit depiasbake’s Instagram page.

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