Manjung police deliver crime prevention information to the public

By: Zaki Salleh

MANJUNG – To reach out to the community, the Manjung district police held a High Profile Policing (HPP) program at TF Manjung’s Ramadan Bazaar and Aeon Manjung Supermarket yesterday.

This program was attended by YDH Manjung District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Nor Omar Sappi who led this field trip program together with senior officers and other members.

Also participating were the Women’s Aman Squad (Amanita) of the Manjung District Police Headquarters.

This program is to strengthen good and continuous relations and cooperation between the police and the local community.

Through this field session, the community can express problems, and give views and ideas directly to the police.

In this way, it can create a community free from crime.

The public consisting of visitors and sellers of the Ramadhan bazaar have been given information and crime prevention pamphlets.

In the meantime, the Manjung police also implemented a similar session for  a crime prevention awareness program with navy personnel at Lumut TLDM Base.

The program last Tuesday was held in conjunction with the 89th Anniversary of TLDM.

It aims to provide information and awareness related to crime including cases of online fraud (scammers), drug abuse and traffic offences.

At the same time, this program can establish a good relationship and close cooperation between the police and TLDM.

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