Ipoh Parade Presents The First Live Eco Fashionista Costume Contest

Set to inspire young minds to showcase their creativity and instil commitment to the environment, Ipoh Parade held the Eco Month activities with the theme H.O.P.E., aka Helping Our Planet Everyday.

One of such activities held here recently was the Eco Fashionista Costume Contest for children below 12 years old, aimed to achieve “Waste-Free Wardrobe”, where some families in Ipoh showcased how they approach dressing sustainably and creatively.

“While it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to suggest not buying more clothes in order to protect the environment, we witnessed how the participants of this contest slowed down and transformed yesterday’s disposables into tomorrow’s runway trends,” said Ipoh Parade’s Advertising and Promotions Department Manager, Lim Huey Tyng.

The creativity on display was truly fascinating, from witnessing plastic being transformed into the ruffles of a skirt, to discarded cardboard being fashioned as armor for a knight. This is particularly noteworthy in a time where we consume fast fashion as quickly as fast food.

A total of RM850 worth of cash and prizes were up for grabs at the first of such contests, live at Ipoh Parade.

Nur Aufa Izzara Amaneena, an 8-year-old from Ipoh, impressed both the judges and spectators at the event with her unique message on recycling, conveyed through a traditional Malay poem known as “pantun.” Her mother, a housewife, spent a week collecting and crafting used plastic bags, cans, and newspapers to create an intricate gown and headgear for her daughter to wear during the competition. Nur Aufa confidently strutted down the runway, reciting her poem, and received praise from all in attendance.

The event featured a total of 13 children who had fashioned outfits from recycled materials. The youngest contestant, a 4-year-old Riyana Elisya, dressed as Snow White, also earned recognition, placing third in the competition.

Ipoh Parade H.O.P.E. Eco Fashionista Costume Contest Result

Champion: Nur Aufa Izzara Amaneena Binti Muhammad Hafiz (RM300 worth of cash and prizes)
First Runner-up: Lim Sze Hanz (RM200 worth of cash and prizes)
Second Runner-up: Riyana Elisya Binti Noorfawwaz Zahin (RM100 worth of cash and prizes)
Consolation Prizes: (RM50 worth of prizes)

#1 Goh Yu Tian
#2 Isabella Chong Sue Qing
#3 Raisya Eryna Binti Noorfawwaz Zahin
#4 Tham Zi Feng
#5 Shakkthiy A/P Sri Muralitharan

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