Cultivating digital culture: Affordable education on digital marketing

By Lam Yat Yee

Meet J Global Academy, who are providing minimal-cost digital marketing workshops for the local community of small businesses. Namely, home bakers, handcrafted jewellers, and product salespeople.

Held every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the workshop equips small business owners with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world and utilise the free electronic applications available to them online for no more than a commitment fee of RM 100; sans upselling.

The workshop set off with a bang at 9:30 a.m. as guest speaker Dr. David Goh took to the stage with a bellowing yell of “POWER, POWER, POWER!”, waking and captivating the audience at once.

In his brief talk, the internationally successful author of over a dozen motivational and self-help books spurred the audience, quote, “It is not about you learning something, it is about you doing something! The sky is NOT the limit.”

The Perak Caring Association, too, gave a speech on “Penguasaan Teknologi” – technological mastery.

Following the session, the floor was encouraged to introduce themselves and their businesses, the crowd ranging from bakers, service centre workers, to simply people looking to get a start in business.

The workshop consisted of demonstrations of applications, and group work alike; constantly enlivened by the active audience engagement by workshop facilitator, Javendra Kumar. The applications introduced include Canva, CapCut, ChatGPT, and Walink.

Over the hours, the participants discovered the power of digital marketing and how it can be leveraged to promote their business on a shoestring budget. And of course, the participants were awarded certificates of participation.

Workshop facilitator Javendra Kumar said, “We aim to increase the employment rate in Ipoh by providing aid in monetization and finding the suitable business strategies.”

To date, J Global has trained a whopping 7500 thousand students online and in-person, with an awe-inspiring record of 477 million sales. When asked “why Ipoh?”, he responded by expressing his wish to give back to his hometown.

With his team, Kumar hopes to foster a new generation of self-sustained, independent entrepreneurs. Because after all, Ipoh Boleh!

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