Krishna Bhawan Ipoh

Where Vegetarian Delights Come to Life

by Anne Das

Krishna Bhawan Vegetarian Restaurant is a popular eatery located in Little India Ipoh on Lahat Road. It is a unique restaurant that specializes in serving healthy flavourful South Indian vegetarian delicacies. The dishes here are beautifully presented with a selection of curries, chutneys, and dhals.

Newly renovated, spacious, and clean environment at Krishna Bhawan

The restaurant is now owned and run by Third Gen – Reuben Nagarajan and his business partner, Maya Malar, both of whom have a passion for sharing their cultural heritage through food.

“We believe that food is not just nourishment for the body, but also for the soul. Our recipes are inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, which teaches us that food can be medicine. We use only fresh ingredients and spices to create dishes that not only taste good but also promote good health.” explains Reuben

Reuben Nagarajan with Maya Malar outside the restaurant during an event

According to Reuben, “Krishna Bhawan is not just a vegetarian restaurant, it’s a way to share our tradition and heritage with the community. Our dishes are a representation of our culture and we want to showcase it in the best way possible.”

This passion for sharing their cultural heritage is evident in the restaurant’s use of fresh and high-quality ingredients, expertly combined to create dishes that are both delicious and leaves you wanting more.

For those who have never been and/or not sure what to order?

These are some of their must-tries……

Pani Puri Snack @ RM12.5

Pani Puri ~ The street food king of India. Small, crispy, hollow dough balls filled with goodies such as chickpeas, potatoes, and carrots. Add a spicy, minty, and sour liquid, and voila – an explosion of flavours in one big bite. Beware: this addictive snack will make you crave more!

Thali Sets for Lunch & Dinner @ RM20 (inclusive of a coffee)

The Thali set here is a popular choice for those who want to try a bit of everything. It consists of a platter filled with rice, various vegetable curries, dhal, yogurt, pickle, and papadum. This serves as a complete meal in itself and is perfect for those who want a hearty and filling meal.

Mini Idly Set @ RM7.5  for breakfast or tea

Idly is a South Indian breakfast staple that’s a little cake-y, a little fluffy, and a whole lot of delicious. Made from fermented white lentils and rice batter, these steamed cakes are light on the stomach  and are perfect when paired with chutney and sambar. Plus, they’re gluten-free, low-fat, and high in protein, making them the breakfast of champions.

Uthappam which looks like a pizza @ RM 8

This scrumptious ‘pancake’ is made from a special fermented batter of rice and lentils that creates a unique texture and flavour. Unlike its crisp and crepe-like cousin, the dosa (thosai), Uttapham is thick, hearty, and packed with toppings like onions, tomatoes, and a variety of vegetables. One bite and you’ll be hooked on this filling and delicious dish!

Kids Chocolate Dosa Set Meal – Chocolate Dhosa @ RM5

Kids Chocolate Dosa: If you’re looking for something sweet, the Kids Chocolate Dosa is a perfect choice. This unique dish consists of a crispy dosa filled with melted chocolate and is sure to be a hit with kids (and adults!) who have a sweet tooth.

The ‘Versatile’ Puri Set @ RM7.5

Puri is bread made with whole wheat flour, deep fried until it puffs up like a Pufferfish on its side. Often served hot and is enjoyed with various savoury or sweet dishes, such as chana masala, potato curry, or mango pickle.

Spicy Andhra  Dhosa @ RM6.5

Andhra dosa is SPICY, tangy, and oh-so-unique! Made from a fermented batter of rice and urad dal, mixed with ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, and red chili powder, this dosa is not for the faint-hearted. It’s thin, crispy, and is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Best enjoyed with tomato or onion chutney, or with a dhal.

Know your Coffee Options

Left                                : Filtered Coffee – RM3.5 (hot, strong, sweet, and topped with bubbly froth)
Middle (Copper)           : Madras coffee – RM 5  (Surprisingly rich, stronger than a cappuccino & beautifully frothy)
Right                              : Bru Coffee – RM5.5 (an Indian Instant coffee blend made from roasted beans and chicory, slightly bitter and bold flavour with a hint of sweetness and a smooth finish)

In addition to their daily sets, they serve Special Vegetarian (Chicken / Mutton) Biryani sets @ RM 22 – RM24 every Friday. This popular dish features fragrant, spiced rice cooked with vegetables, herbs, and nuts or dried fruits which adds to its aroma and flavour.

Krishna Bhawan has earned a good reputation among vegetarians for serving flavourful dishes without any artificial colouring, MSG, or eggs. The service is warm and welcoming, making you feel like you are dining at a friend’s house.

Toilets are clean, and the restaurant is both Ground Floor and Muslim Friendly, making it an accessible and welcoming spot for everyone.

Krishna Bhawan Restaurant

Location           : 8, Jalan Lahat, 30200 Ipoh, Perak
Opening Hours  : 9am to 9pm daily
Closed on        : Wednesdays
Contact            : +6 012-510 8880.

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