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Tenby School Puts on a Magical Performance of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

by Anne Das and Lam Yat Yee

The magic of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast musical came to life at Tenby School in Ipoh, as 80 talented students took to the stage in a sold-out, 4-day show. The production, which started with auditions in August 2022 and rehearsals in September 2022.

The production, led by Mr. and Mrs. Bailey and directed by student directors Shruti and Saffron, featured a live orchestra, authentic scripts, and music scores from Disney USA.

Over the four nights, the two casts of students – charmingly dubbed Books and Baguettes among the cast – alternately took to the stage. Local agencies, such as ballet schools, music groups, makeup colleges, and fashion schools, played a part in adding to the brilliance of the play.

However, there are, of course, the lead actresses and actors that deserve to be known. They have demonstrated how acting truly goes beyond knowing one’s lines.

Presenting; the lead cast!

Look, there she goes! Stunning lead actresses, Yenzi and Annabelle, shared the role of Belle, dedicating every fibre of the beings over the course of six months to embody the internationally beloved character live on stage; and you can take our word that they did so flawlessly, each personifying a faintly unique yet immaculate version of Belle.

Moving on, there’s no man in town as admired as him. He’s everyone’s favourite guy! Shining just as bright are Ashton and Kenneth and their unrivalled charm, both having played the role of Gaston. Capturing the character’s essence wholly, their stage presence undoubtedly lived up to the Gaston name in every song featuring the favourite Disney antagonist. Some crowd favourites include ‘Maison des Lunes’, ‘Gaston’, and ‘Mob Song’.

Lastly, the true beauty of the show; the Beast. Played by the talented Tajveer and Ryan, their heartfelt acting touched the audience, expressing the complicated emotions and sometimes goofy character of the Beast down to the last detail. The two successfully portrayed the Beast’s intricate development from an angry, bitter beast, to a prince who finally understood that all that is good and real must come from within.

Alas, Gaston may have stolen hearts, but the Beast won them.

Over the course of 2 hours, both casts lit up the stage brighter than the spotlights upon them, blowing the crowd away song after song, act after act. Under the direction of skilled musicians, the live orchestra completed the musical, giving it depth and emotion every moment throughout the evening.

“We’re all incredibly proud of the effort we’ve poured into the last six months and, being a part of this team – this family, is definitely the best part of the whole production.” – Annabelle
“I learned that there’s nothing to be afraid of if you are confident, as long as there’s a strong will there’s always a way.” – Ashton
Tenby School’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was a true celebration of the Arts – hopefully inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Congratulations and bravo to the Tenby performers and all those involved in the Beauty and the Beast production 2023, Ipoh awaits more productions of this calibre to showcase here, in the near future.

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  1. Dear Anne,
    Loved the review on Tenby’s musical production. I’ve heard rave reviews from friends in Ipoh however did not get a chance to experience it. Your article gave just that much insight and I must thank you for it.
    I must enquire on a tiny little fact stated in your introduction paragraph – was ACS really the last school to produce a full Broadway production since 2007? I know that SMI had productions after that year however I do not know for how long more after 2007. These 2 schools were renowned for their full stage productions.
    Best of regards,
    Yan Hua

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