Perak’s main food supply is sufficient ahead of Aidilfitri

Oleh Balqis Jazimah Zahari
Foto: FB Saarani Mohamad

IPOH: So far Perak does not have a problem regarding the insufficiency of main food crops such as vegetables and fruits during the month of Ramadan.

Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad said even the production of watermelons, chillies and leafy vegetables which are the focus during Ramadan will increase until the first quarter of 2023.

“Regarding the increase in the price of vegetables at the moment, it is because most of the vegetables and fruits in the state of Perak have been sent to other states such as Johor which were affected by the flood disaster.

“Looking at the current trend in the production of the main food crops of vegetables and fruits, the supply in the state of Perak is sufficient to cover the needs of the people during the month of Ramadan and ahead of Aidilfitri which will arrive soon,” he said after officiating the Program Riang Ria Raya Promosi dan Jualan Produk Industri Asas Tani organized by the Perak State Department of Agriculture at the Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan here yesterday.

Saarani Said, Perak state’s main food crop production trend status has shown an increase for vegetable commodities which is 7,354 hectares of planted area with a total production of 134,877 metric tons in 2022.

“It is higher than in 2021 which is 7,190 hectares of planted area and total production of 125,308 metric tons.

“For the fruit commodity, there is also an increase in the planted area, which is in 2022 as much as 11,440 hectares with a total production of 123,215 metric tons compared to 2021 of 11,439 hectares of planted area with a total production of 121,458 metric tons,” he said.

According to him, based on data from the Perak State Department of Agriculture, a total of 13,378 farmers have been registered under the Department.

He added that within five years, the state of Perak was the main producer of vegetables and fruits.

“Among the main vegetable commodities are spinach, okra and mustard.

“For the main fruit commodities are guavas, corn and mangoes. The districts of Larut, Matang and Selama are the largest producers of fruits in the state of Perak with 3,853 hectares planted and a total production of 30,260 metric tons.

“The Kinta district is the largest producer of vegetables in the state of Perak with 3,881 hectares of cultivated area and a total production of 69,373 metric tons. The data is for the year 2022,” he said.

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