Risky U-Turn Issue Resolved!

Panorama Tambun Perdana Residents Relieved

by Anne Das & Lam Yat Yee

Greetings from Ipoh Echo!

We thank you, our dear readers, for your valuable support of our recent article on the risky U-turn issue at the entrance of Panorama Tambun Perdana housing area.

Previously, we have discussed the situation in the housing area, where ongoing traffic construction prevented residents from turning into their housing area, causing many to resort to hazardous u-turn points.

Fortunately, the way home no longer presents itself as an issue now!

U-turn sign positioned on the opposite road from Caltex Petrol Station Tambun.

Consequent to your unanimous voices and the local authorities’ efforts, a temporary u-turn has recently been opened, complete with traffic lights and sign posts notifying the change. The construction of this u-turn is without doubt a great relief to the residents of Panorama Tambun Perdana for it has granted them all a fuel- and time-saving passage home.

A Bright orange signpost informs road users of the U-turn just under the bridge.

However, there are road users who tend to ignore the traffic lights installed, making the turn even when the lights are red. It is undeniable that such unethical driving has to end, lest the safety of other road users is put into jeopardy. After all, it is as they say, prevention is indisputably better than cure.

Traffic lights have been installed to regulate traffic doing the U-turn.

Having said that, we hope the traffic flow around Tambun will improve with this enhancement.

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