Storm in Ipoh results in damaged houses, fallen trees and crushed vehicles

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: The continuous heavy rain and strong winds that occurred in Ipoh last night caused five houses to be damaged, including the incident of fallen trees in four areas.

According to the spokesperson of the District Operations Control Center (PKOD) of the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) of the Kinta District, they received a call regarding the incident at 7 pm.

He said that among the affected locations are Jalan Berlian, Lorong Uthmaniah, Jalan Kledang, Pasiraan Jelapang Taman Silibin, Jalan Jelapang, Ipoh-Lumut Highway and Lengkuk Rishah, Taman Rishah.

“Jalan Berlian (2 houses affected), Lorong Uthmaniah (2 houses affected), Jalan Kledang (1 house affected).

“Silibin Taman Jelapang Promenade (fallen trees hit by cars), Jelapang Road (fallen trees), Ipoh-Lumut Highway (fallen trees) as well as Lengkuk Rishah, Rishah Park (fallen trees),” he told reporters on Monday.

He said the storm was caused by heavy rain and strong winds since Monday afternoon.

“At 7 pm last night, PKOD Ipoh received preliminary information from the operations officer to make a survey response in the storm area.

“The current weather is not rainy and monitoring is being done from time to time,” he said.

The statement added that until now the affected residents are still staying at home, while some have temporarily moved to the homes of their closest relatives.

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