Investigate the issue of foreign workers entering Malaysia.

by Zaki Salleh
Photo: FB Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Semenanjung Malaysia

IPOH:The issue of the entry of foreign workers into the country is considered high priority because based on data up to 2020, the flow of foreign workers entering Malaysia amounts to approximately 3.48 million people.

As one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is an attractive destination for workers from neighboring countries to come here.

This is because their migration is to find sustenance and better jobs compared to the country of origin.

As reported by the media, the Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia said that out of 65,850 domestic helper applications that were approved, only 3,150 employment contracts were signed.

He suspects many of them arrived here illegally.

The media also reported on March 15, that 10 Bangladeshi foreign workers who paid RM20,000 (or 460,000 Taka) each to a foreign employment agency to reach Malaysia, were arrested after being left homeless by their employer.

Commenting on the matter, the Secretary of the Democratic Generation Association, Vipraharan Balan said that the entries of foreign workers brought various negative effects including increased competition for jobs.

He said, this includes lower wages and poor employee welfare.

“This can be a problem where there is a surplus of workers which leads to a disproportionate impact on the income of the local community.

“The government, employers and civil organizations need to work together to ensure the recruitment of foreign workers is carried out transparently,” he said.

This includes strengthening laws, improving oversight and enforcement mechanisms.

Therefore, all parties need to be vigilant in an effort to ensure that the recruitment process is carried out by examining welfare economy of the local community first.

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